The Science of Dry Shampoo How Does it Work?

For years, dry shampoo has been a favorite hair care product, but how does dry shampoo work exactly? Dry shampoo is made up of fast-absorbing powders that soak up excess oil from the hair to leave it feeling, smelling, and looking clean. It’s perfect for any hair type, from thick or fine hair to curly hair. It’s available in several options, including aerosol spray, powder, and clear formulas. Unfortunately, not all dry shampoos take care of cleaning the hair. So, if you’re wondering, does dry shampoo work? The answer is that it depends on the dry shampoo.

Most dry shampoo products soak up oil and sweat and leave behind a powdery residue that can sometimes be hard to remove. However, our dry shampoo was designed to offer similar benefits of shampooing your hair in the shower without the hassle, unlike other dry shampoo formulas. It absorbs oil, sweat, and odor to leave behind clean hair for longer.

So, How Does it Work?

Hair follicles cover your scalp and in addition to producing hair, they produce sebum. The production of this natural oil is key for softening your hair texture and protecting your skin. However, when you go about your day, your hair follicles can produce a buildup of sebum leading to oily looking hair.

Typically, washing your hair with a regular shampoo or using a dry scalp treatment helps clean your scalp from this dirt and oil buildup. However, it isn’t always convenient or necessarily healthy to wash your hair too frequently. Thus, this leads people to use dry shampoo as a waterless alternative to diminishing the greasy hair appearance. 

So, how does dry shampoo do that? Simply put, the starches in formulas absorb the oil buildup in your hair. When your scalp produces an excess of sebum, dry shampoo application makes for a great way to hide oily hair. 
Hair follicles cover your scalp and in addition to producing hair, they produce sebum. 
The production of this natural oil is key for softening your hair texture and protecting your skin. However, when you go about your day, your hair follicles can produce a buildup of sebum leading to oily looking hair.

What Does Dry Shampoo Do?

Now that you know more about how it works, we’ll dive into what it does for you.

Acts as a “Quick Fix” Shampoo.
The main attraction of using dry shampoo is to keep the hair clean between washes. There are days when there’s simply no time to wash and dry the hair before heading out the door. Dry shampoo offers up a quick fix that gets the job done just as well. The hair is left looking and feeling good in a convenient, efficient way. 

Makes Your Smell Clean.
It’s one thing to hide dirty hair, but what about the smell? Dirty hair can smell less than desirable, leaving you to think the only option is washing your hair in the shower. However, with Living Proof’s Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) dry shampoo, your hair will look, feel, and smell clean. Our dry shampoo has an odor neutralizing formula that delivers a time-released fragrance for great smelling hair whenever you’re on the go.

Works as the Perfect Addition to Hair Care.
An additional benefit is that it plays well with others. Using a dry shampoo product as part of your routine won’t break down any of your other hair styling products. Its primary job is to absorb and remove oil, sweat, and odor from your hair. It works with other products like hair volume spray or root lifting spray without limiting their effect or creating a buildup on your hair. Whether used on its own or part of your full hair care routine, dry shampoo adapts to all situations.

The reason why so many swear by having dry shampoo as a must-have hair care product is because of its versatility. It cleans, freshens, and gives a boost to the hair without weighing it down or covering the hair’s natural texture. Limp locks can get a beachy wave mini makeover, and curly hair gets its bounce back and preserves its curls. As a complement to any hair type, nothing quite beats the variety of dry shampoo uses.

The Science Behind Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo

Now, what’s the secret behind our dry shampoo that makes it different from every other one out there? Through science and innovation, we’re able to bring solutions to some of the hair’s toughest challenges. By researching and experimenting, we bring products that allow everyone to enjoy the best version of their hair. The patented technology of the PhD Dry Shampoo benefits the hair in ways other dry shampoos simply do not. Instead of simply masking the oil in dirty hair, it actually cleans the hair.

Breakthrough Ingredients.

Unlike other dry shampoos, our Triple-Action Cleaning Technology, Healthy Hair Molecule, odor neutralizer, and time-released fragrance all work together to absorb oil and sweat, remove powder residue, and leave hair smelling and feeling clean.

If you’re going days without washing your hair, you’ll want it to look its best, but feel and smell great, too. It’s designed to work for all types and lengths of hair and is color-safe and safe for chemically-treated hair as well. 

Tips for Achieving the Best Results

For dry shampoo to be effective, the application is key. If you’re curious about how to use dry shampoo to get the best results, there are a few, simple hair care tips to follow:

+ Shake to ensure the product is evenly distributed in the can.
+ Hold the canister at least six inches away from the scalp to ensure a more even distribution and limit product buildup.
+ Apply primarily to your roots on dry hair, since that’s where the hair tends to be oiliest and dirtiest.
+ Divide your hair into sections to ensure every area and hidden layer is covered.
+ Once you see the white powder, let the product sit for 30 seconds and actively clean your hair!
+ Massage the dry shampoo through the hair to remove powders.
+ Remove excess powder with your fingers, a boar’s bristle brush, or a blow dryer on the lowest setting.
+ Keep dry shampoo in your bag for touch-ups as needed throughout the day. You can use our travel-size dry shampoo for clean hair whenever you’re on the go.

For anyone strapped for time but still care about the condition of their hair, travel size dry shampoo is an effective go-to product to always have on hand.

Get the Most Out of Your Dry Shampoo

Think of dry shampoo as self-care for your hair that frees up time in your day with just a few sprays. Still wondering how and when to use dry shampoo? As long as your hair isn’t damp or wet, you can use dry shampoo whenever your hair needs to be cleansed and refreshed.

Post-workout, let the sweat dry from your hair first to avoid applying it to wet hair, and then apply for a quick clean. Apply to the roots of dry hair to absorb excess oil, sweat, and odor and leave it smelling good. Or, apply dry shampoo in the morning and let it sink in before moving on to styling. At night, apply dry shampoo and work the hair into a loose braid or bun. You’ll wake up the next day with cleaner hair before you head out the door.

Find out how dry shampoo works best for your hair. If  you want to limit the frequency with which you wash your hair in the shower, then dry shampoo is a stand-in that mimics the same effect and benefits. Used in rotation with your regular shampoo and conditioner routine, you can cut your prep time down significantly and leave your hair looking and feeling its best. Dry shampooing is an easy and alternative to conventional shampoo for when you’re on the go.

Though science leads the way to transforming your hair, when people ask how you keep yours looking so good, you can say it’s magic.

Ready to say goodbye to greasy hair between washings? Add our dry shampoo to your hair care routine for beautiful, healthier hair.