How to Prevent & Revive Sun-Damaged Hair

We know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun, but can the sun damage your hair? Though it’s less talked about, protecting our hair from the sun is just as important. Anyone who spends the summer outdoors knows a few months spent in the sun can lighten the hair. And while we may covet the resulting golden glow, the sun’s rays can actually be quite damaging. 

UV rays cause sun damage to the hair’s cuticle, which is the all-important outside layer of the hair strand, as well as the keratin protein at the core of each strand. These harmful rays don’t just cause invisible damage, though; they also interact with the melanin, or pigment, of the hair and alter its color, which can cause it to become dull or fade. 

So, how can you provide UV protection for hair? We’ve put together a fool-proof solution to protect hair from sun and UV damage and revive hair that has already fallen prey to the rays. After reading our solution, you’ll be ready to scour the web for hair products online and protect your hair this summer from sun exposure. 

What Does Sun-Damaged Hair Look Like? 

You may not even realize you have sun-damaged hair, so let’s start by sharing a few of the symptoms. Sun damage is sneaky because it looks just like any other kind of damage to your hair from heat, bleach, friction, and the like. Strands can feel rough and brittle, ends can appear split and dry, and the overall color can look dull and faded. Damaged hair can also be frizzy, broken, and unmanageable. 

How to Revive Sun-Damaged Hair

If you’re experiencing sun-damaged hair, not all hope is lost. You can revive damaged hair with special care and hair-care products. 

Restore Moisture

You can address sun-damaged hair much the same way as you would address hair that is damaged from any other cause. Damaged, dry hair requires moisture to be strong and prevent future damage. So, for starters, reach for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, a rich hair mask, heat protectant and a conditioning detangler to hit it with hydration from every angle. Our Restore Starter Kit is the key to hair damage repair and the perfect foundation for your summer hair care routine. These hair care products strengthen, repair hair damage, and protect against future hair breakage to reveal visibly healthier hair.

Visit the Salon

Nothing revives hair quite like a great haircut. Say goodbye to split ends and head into the summer with a good trim. Don’t use a visit to the salon as an excuse to bleach your strands for the summer, though. You’ll only cause further hair damage on top of what the sun has already done.

How to Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

The quickest way to healthy hair is to prevent damage in the first place. And while exposure to harmful UV rays may be unavoidable, sun damage is. Follow these tips to protect hair from sun damage:

Apply UV Protection 

No, you don’t need to slather sunscreen on your hair to protect it from sun damage (although it is a good idea to put some on your part where the scalp is exposed). There are actually products formulated specifically for hair that offer protection from the sun’s damaging rays. 

UV protection for hair comes in a variety of kinds for different hair types and textures. Choose one that suits your styling needs, and you’ll reap the benefits of not only UV protection but enhanced volume, shine, or frizz protection too. 

Lay Off the Heat

Hot tools can make your hair even more vulnerable to damage than it already is. Do your strands a favor and lay off the heat styling during the summer months to give your hair a much-needed break. Thankfully, summer is the perfect time to embrace your natural hair texture and heat-free styles like braids and buns.  

Wear a Hat 

Limit sun exposure to both your hair and your face by wearing a hat when you head outside. There are so many fun sun hats, baseball caps, and stylish street hats to choose from that will shield your strands from the sun but still enable you to enjoy it. 

We get it—when the sun is shining and the water’s warm, nothing can keep us from enjoying the outdoors, even if it does put skin and hair at risk. Thankfully, when you apply protection, you can have healthy hair, and avoid sun damaged hair without having to sacrifice time in the sunshine and can take advantage of those long summer days and all the activities you love to do. As a final tip, if one of those activities is swimming in a chlorinated pool, do your best to keep your hair above water to avoid chemical damage too. 


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