Your Personalized, Silicone-Free Hair Regimen

Let’s face it. Caring for your hair can be… well, confusing. We always email our stylists and scientists when we’re looking for a solution for our strands. So, we thought we’d let you do the same. Here are some questions from our community, and answers from our team.

Read on.

My hair gets oily easily, but my scalp also gets dry and flaky (especially in the summer). It’s a little thick and frizzes in the humidity. How do I help fix all of my haircare concerns?

If frizz is your main concern, we would recommend starting with the No Frizz Starter Kit. This will give you all of the products you need to detox from silicones and fight frizz. We’d also suggest you try Scalp Care Dry Scalp Treatment. It’s a leave-in scalp treatment that delivers instant hydration and lasting relief from dry scalp flaking, itching, and irritation.

I have slightly wavy hair that tends to be oily at the roots and frizzy near the ends. Help me!

It’s just like when you have combination skin. We’ll need to help you detox your strands from silicones (read: less oil) and smooth your hair overall. We recommend trying the Perfect hair Day™ Starter Kit. It will give you all of the products you need to balance out your hair while adding smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength, and polish.

I have super thin, naturally straight hair. I don’t color treat it and I rarely heat style it. Any other suggestions for overall hair health?

Totally! You’re already off to a great start. We’d just recommend removing silicone from your haircare routine. It’s commonly found in most shampoos and conditioners – and it can be really heavy on thin hair. Try out Full Silicone Detox Kit. It will give you all of the products you need to add volume to fine, flat hair while detoxing from silicones.

My hair is thick and naturally straight, but it frizzes super easily. How can I fight frizz?

If frizz is your main concern, we would definitely recommend starting with the No Frizz Silicone Detox Kit. This will give you all of the products you need to detox from silicones and eliminate frizz.

I have dry, frizzy hair. What should I consider using?

We recommend starting by addressing your dryness first. Try using the Restore line, which is specifically formulated to transform dry, damaged hair. Then, we can take on frizz with our No Frizz line. If you’re looking to overhaul all of your hair concerns at once, try the Perfect hair Day™ Silicone Detox Kit, which will give you an ideal balance of smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength, and polish.

How can I grow out my hair? I always get split ends.

Don’t worry, that’s totally natural. We recommend that you check out Restore Repair Leave-In. It’s a corrective conditioning leave-in treatment that helps to prevent up to 93% of new split ends caused by styling. 

My hair is thick, curly, and frizzy. But it still lacks volume. Help?!

We’ve got you! Try our No Frizz Silicone Detox Kit. You can detox your stands from the weight of silicones while fighting frizz and adding moisture to your hair. If frizz persists, consider using the No Frizz Intense Moisture Mask. Then, you can add volume to dry styles with Full Dry Volume Blast® which adds instant volume and texture that lasts.

I’m looking for an easy air-dry routine for my naturally wavy hair. It’s been *amazing* not using heat on my hair the past few months. Any tips?

Yes! We love, love, love Perfect hair Day™ In-Shower Styler. It’s an innovative styler that is applied in the shower to create air-dried styles with enhanced body, softness, natural texture, and shine.

Ugh. I’m facing some postpartum hair loss. And, my hair is dry and damaged from heat styling. How can I revive it?

You can transform dry, damaged hair with our Restore line, which is specifically formulated to help hair look and feel like naturally healthier hair. Whether you are looking to do some self care with our hair mask for damaged hair, or you want to incorporate a full product line devoted to repairing damaged hair, the Restore line is a great solution.
We hope we answered all of your most pressing haircare questions. If not, you can always reach us on Instagram @livingproofinc.