Celebrity Colorist Jenna Perry Swears by These Three Hair Products

If there’s anyone familiar with hair’s individual needs, it’s Lp. celebrity colorist and brand ambassador Jenna Perry, whose client list resembles a Who’s Who of A-listers — think Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Jennifer Lawrence. Since she frequently works with hair (including her own) that undergoes frequent color treatments and heat styling, she’s uniquely qualified to choose products that can not only repair but actually undo hair damage, leaving it healthy and strong. 

That’s why she curated The Jenna Perry Root-to-Tip Refresh Trio, which offers everything needed to stop the cycle of damage, whether it’s due to frequent washing, using hot tools, getting color and chemical processes, or all of the above. With that in mind, discover the three strategic formulas that work to rebuild and repair hair from the inside out — while also extending the lifespan of your look. 

A person styling hair at a salon.

Step one: Rebuild 

Let’s start small. Everything from daily styling habits, like brushing and heat-styling, to less frequent (but more damaging) services, like color treatments, breaks the various types of bonds within the hair. That’s a big deal, as these bonds are responsible not only for giving hair its shape and characteristics, but also its strength. 

Fortunately, Triple Bond Complex is an intensive, weekly strengthening treatment that leaves hair 8x stronger* while adding softness, smoothness, shine, and manageability after just one use. Its technology actually constructs brand-new bonds of every type, forming a 3D network within the hair for immediate strength, and even helps hair resist future damage. 

Those results are what keep this product in Perry’s kit, both professionally and personally. “I use Triple Bond Complex at home myself because I also color my hair, and I find that it keeps my hair vibrant and healthy,” she shared with Lp. “I think the fact that you can use it by itself is wonderful — and it’s also a really great style product at the end of a service.” 

A comb next to three bottles and a bowl on an orange tile surface.

Step two: Smooth + extend 

Once the hair has been repaired, double down with the perfect pair of stylers. Not only does our award-winning, best-selling Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) Dry Shampoo leave hair with a lived-in look and fresh scent, but it also absorbs oil, sweat, and odor at the root to extend the wear time of your look. 

“This product is a cult favorite for a reason!” Perry says. “I like to use it on myself as well as recommending to clients to help keep hair clean and fresh throughout the week.” Another advantage? Dry shampoo allows you to wash and style hair less, further minimizing damage. 

Now, it has a new BFF in the form of the PhD Healthy Hair Perfector. With Triple Bond Complex working to reconstruct internal damage, refresh your strands on the outside, too, with this formula that instantly transforms dull, dry, or damaged strands to reveal hair that looks and feels healthier after just one use. It restores hair’s outermost protective layer — the F-layer — to leave it looking smoother and even add further protection from free-radical damage from UV rays and pollution. Think of Triple Bond Complex setting the foundation for healthy hair; then, add the PhD Dry Shampoo at the roots and the Healthy Hair Perfector on the lengths to deliver a root-to-tip refresh. 

“You can use this daily and it will transform dull, dry, or damaged strands for hair that looks and feels healthier,” says Perry, who notes that she uses it on both wet and dry hair. “Either way, I recommend applying from mid-lengths — around mouth level — to ends for instantly transformed hair.” 

Choose your own healthy-hair adventure 

This trio of products is super-effective at both attaining and maintaining healthy hair despite the daily pile-up of damage — so, it’s no surprise that Perry chose these for The Jenna Perry Root-to-Tip Refresh Trio. Together, they rebuild and repair hair from the inside out while helping to extend the life of your look. 

Shop the new The Jenna Perry Root-to-Tip Refresh Trio to get your healthiest hair yet. Happy styling! 

*Against grooming breakage vs untreated