An Important Part of Lp’s 2022: Giving Back 

2022 was a big year for us: We introduced you to Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray, Triple Bond Complex, and Perfect hair Day Healthy Hair Perfector. But the entire team at Living Proof also wanted to find a way to give back to the city of Boston, which has been our home since 2005. And what better place to start than the classroom, featuring science’s youngest emerging talent. 

How and Why We Gave Back to Boston 

Given our roots in academia, it felt natural to support and provide resources for students and teachers in need – especially in Boston, as we were founded at MIT. So we enlisted the help of, whose mission is to make it easy for anyone to help a teacher in need, giving all communities the tools and experiences to make for a great education. 

We enlisted our employees to pick a local STEM-based project from a group curated by for Living Proof. With so many incredible initiatives, we are proud to have donated $10,000 total across the board. Check out a few of our teams’ top classrooms that we donated to below. 

Mr. Constant at Mather Elementary School in Dorchester, MA 

Constant’s ask received the most votes (and is now fully funded!), with nearly half of our total donation going towards his needs. His goal was two-fold: An interactive smartboard for his K-2 classes, and a 3D printer kit for older students in grades 3-5. “Both items will enhance the importance of coding and showing an endpoint to learning with algorithms,” he says, and grow the future generation of scientists with the growth of his STEAM lab. 

Ms. Gervais at James F Condon K-8 School in South Boston, MA 

With a lack of basic technology in her classroom (think: TV, projector, whiteboard), modernizing Gervais’ classroom naturally topped many Lp. staffers’ lists. Rather than stock up on a slew of different supplies, Gervais requested an Interactive Smartboard. “It’s a combination of everything we are lacking,” she says. “This board will allow my students to work together as teams, interact with math games… and strategically support visual learners, aiding to reduce gaps created from COVID.” Also fully funded, Ms. Gervais now has another project in the works: Water Bottles for Hydration

Ms. Lindsay at Jeremiah Burke High School in Dorchester, MA 

Teaching a classroom of students on the autism spectrum requires a unique “toolkit,” one which Ms. Lindsay didn’t have prior to her project. She was specifically seeking out iPads for her classroom, as her students currently lack access to technology — something that limits them both when studying and when in need of a break. “These iPads will be used to practice their research skills, as well as writing and typing skills,” says Lindsay. “This will increase their chances of future job opportunities and provide knowledge of the tools that are used in present day.” 

Our Bottom Line on Giving Back 

In 2022, we sought to increase our philanthropic efforts as a team. By providing our employees with individual donations to give to the project of their choice, we’ve been able to raise the bar higher than we have before. With 2023 just beginning, we’re looking forward to another year of giving back to our local community in Boston — and beyond.