Get to know Ursula Stephen

Celebrity Stylist, Salon Owner and Living Proof Curl Artist in Residence.

US: Ursula, we are thrilled to sit down with you today and tell the LP community more about YOU and your partnership with Living Proof as we launch the new Curl Line! First, tell everyone a little bit about yourself and your background.

LP: Hello, my name is Ursula Stephen. I’m a celebrity hair stylist, salon owner and brand ambassador (for Living Proof) I’ve been in the industry for over 25yrs. I started my journey in high school where I studied cosmetology and ultimately started my career in the industry. 

US: What drew you to wanting to collaborate with Living Proof with the launch of Curl?

LP: I’ve always loved Living Proof as a brand so when they reached out about creating this line I was thrilled at the idea to collaborate. It was an opportunity to be a part of something that was going to be important to the textured community. 

US: Tell us a little bit more about the developmental process – what products were you most excited about, what was some of your feedback to the brand and how do you think it compares to some of the other lines you’ve tried in the past? 

LP: I spend so much time working with my celebrity clients and being at the salon so when I got the chance to work with the scientists in their environment it was really interesting and elevating. We all learned so much! I felt like I left with my masters degree in cosmetology when the process was complete. I was most excited about the shampoo. It has the ability to cleanse and detangle – I love that. I made sure to let the brand know how important moisture is to this community and this curl line. 

US: Let’s expand on those products you were most excited about! Tell us, what products do you currently use and how have you introduced them to some of your clients? 

LP: Currently I’m loving and using Curl Elongator ! Shrinkage is a big challenge in the curly community so once my clients here what this product will do to elongate their curls, they are excited about trying it out! Especially because shrinkage is a big deal for the wash and go curls. 

US: Besides stronger curls, how do you think the Curl Line will make others feel? 

LP: Included! This Curl line will make everyone feel included. Living Proof had a line in this space before but it didn’t work for a range or hair types. This time around they were committed to developing a line that was more inclusive to all textures. 

US: Now that the Curl Line has launched (yay!), what can we see next from Ursula Stephen? And tell the community where they can find you!

LP: I won’t give any specifics – I’m too superstitious for that! lol But I’m definitely working on becoming a household name and staying committed to being a positive influence to my industry.