Are you up for the #5WashChallenge?

We love a good challenge—especially when it includes group camaraderie. That’s why we created the #5WashChallenge. It’s a super easy way to detox your hair. In just five washes. Why? Read on.
Are you up for the #5WashChallenge?

It’s time to break up with silicone.
Silicone isn’t one of those notorious no-no ingredients. We leave that to phthalates and sulfates. In fact, you’ll find that silicones are found in the majority of haircare today. They work to cover the strands with a waterproof coating to help smooth, straighten, align, condition, and de-frizz hair. So… why are we breaking up with them?‌

Heavy silicones can unevenly coat your hair, which actually attracts grease and grime. Meaning? You have to wash and style more often, which leads to heat damage, dryness, and breakage. Over time, silicone’s short-term appeal eventually can cause long-term damage to your hair.

The no-silicone solution.
Don’t worry. This challenge isn’t like one of those detoxes that makes you feel blah before you feel better. We are eliminating silicone, but we created a superior molecule to replace it. Our Healthy Hair Molecule delivers the short-term benefits of silicones, such as smoothness, softness, and shine – without the long-term impacts. The Healthy Hair Molecule helps you care for your hair by creating a weightless, invisible shield that evenly coats your hair. The results? Healthier, more beautiful hair that stays cleaner, longer.

Get ready to bare your hair.
Ready to take on the challenge? With just five washes without silicone, you’ll find a better version of your hair. It’s the first step to freeing your hair from heavy silicones. And, we’ve got the kit to get you started. It’s everything you need, delivered right to your doorstep. ‌

Here’s how it works:‌

Wash 1: Your hair is softer and less weighed down than usual. But it may also seem a little drier (you’re used to that silicone slip). Don’t worry—this is normal, and temporary. Use a little more conditioner—ours is silicone-free, so don’t be scared that it’s too heavy.
‌‌Wash 3: Not seeing the progress yet or still experiencing dryness? Don’t worry—you’re still in detox mode. Keep going!

Wash 5: You’re over the hump and your hairis looking good—it moves more naturally, feels more manageable, and it’s less frizzy.‌

Share your silicone-free strands.
Bonus! Take before and after photos to see the change for yourself. We’ll even share our favorites on our Instagram page. Use #5WashChallenge to show us your transformations.