The Secret to Air-Drying Your Hair

Mastering air-dried hair is an art. (Or so we thought.) Believe it or not, a blow-dryer isn’t always more dependable than air-drying and you don’t need frizz-free hair to handle humidity without heat styling. Anyone can achieve air-dried hair that stays smooth and doesn’t fall flat

We asked Tiffany, our customer advocate, to tell us how to achieve that au-naturel look.

Step 1:

Prep  ‌Start with your favorite shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Then, generously apply Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) In-Shower Styler from roots to ends. This wet, leave-in styler helps create air-dried styles with enhanced body, natural texture, softness, and shine.

Step 2:

Style  ‌Once you’re out of the shower, shake your hair out at the roots and wring out excess moisture from the ends. Then, towel dry your hair and scrunch (yes, scrunch) while your hair dies. ‌

Pro tip: use your fingers to curl any pieces that are falling flat. Trust us, it’s much more enjoyable than pulling out a wand on a 90-degree day.

Step 3:

Set ‌Now that your hair is dry, make sure to set your style. Tiffany recommends finishing the look with PhD Body Builder to create instant, buildable body and a light hold. Shake the can well and spray 6” – 10” away from your strands. Turn the nozzle to (+) for more or (-) if or less. (We recommend starting with less and building that body slowly.) As that freshly-washed feel begins to fade, maintain body and texture for second and third day hair by spraying a hair volume spray at your roots to prevent your strands from falling flat.