5 Simple Ways to Add Texture to Your Hair

Texture gives hair shape, definition, and movement. For those with flat hair, adding texture can feel like an insurmountable task—but even those with smooth styles can learn to add texture to their hair for that coveted beachy or rockstar look. 

If you have fine, limp, or flat hair, there are several ways to add texture, like using products and tools—even getting a great haircut. Here’s how to add texture to your hair in five simple ways. 

1. Use Texture Spray 

Texture spray is key to adding texture to your hair. Short hair, hair with bangs, long hair, or straight hair—all can be textured with texture spray

How to Apply Texture Spray

Wondering how to use texture spray? Shake the can well before spraying it throughout your hair in an upwards motion to create texture and volume. Our Full Dry Volume + Texture Spray texturizing spray is buildable, so start with a little and add on, especially if you have fine hair. Tousle your hair with your fingers and repeat until your desired style is achieved.

Hair texture spray is a great way to add texture to an updo. If you’re going for a voluminous pony, spray texture spray at the roots before pulling your hair up. Then, spritz the product throughout the lengths of your pony as you separate it for a full look. For a chic, low updo, twist sections of your hair before spraying them with texture spray. Then, use your fingers to gently pull the hair apart before pinning it in place; it will appear fuller and perfectly piecey.

Note: Some hair care brands make styling products that combine texture spray and dry shampoo. Because of this, some users think they’re interchangeable, but there are key differences. A texture spray is meant for adding texture to your hair, while dry shampoo controls oil on days you don’t wash your hair.  

2. Play with Your Blow-Dryer Settings

Did you know the cool setting on your blow dryer is there to add volume? This is perfect if you’re wondering how to volumize fine hair. It also helps distribute the product evenly. 

Here’s how to blow dry hair for volume and texture. Before you blow dry, apply a volumizing mousse, remove the nozzle on your blow dryer, and then turn the temperature setting to cool. You’ll reduce the amount of heat damage done to your hair and achieve more volume and texture.    

3. Curl Your Hair

Curling irons, hot rollers, curling blow dryers, crimpers—curling tools are a great way to add texture to your hair. Curls create body and movement, keeping your hair from looking flat. For maximum texture, curl smaller sections of hair and curl them in different directions. This varied approach will create a greater definition. Finish with a bit of texture spray to create even more—you guessed it—texture, and hairspray for hold.  Wondering what the difference is between the two products? Learn about texture spray vs. hairspray and when to use each.


Sleep in Braids or Buns

If you want to wake up with textured hair, braid it before bed. Sleeping on a set of french braids produces beautifully textured waves that rival those you can get with hot tools. You can also try several small twisted buns instead. For best results, braid or twist your hair when it’s damp. Wake up and refresh your roots with a hit of texture spray, add a touch of shine serum to your ends, and you’ll be ready to go in seconds. 

5. Get a Great Textured Haircut

While you can add texture to your hair in the ways above, it’ll be easier, and your hair will naturally have more texture, if it is cut in a particular way. Your stylist has control over how your hair moves. For instance, a blunt cut will not have as much texture as a layered cut. Additionally, a long cut will have less texture than a short cut. 

If it’s texture you’re after, ask for long layers throughout or a shorter cut. Cutting bangs is also a fun way to add texture to your style and switch up your look. 

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