5 Common Signs of Damaged Hair


No matter what your hair type is, you can experience damage. While damage is an issue that affects the makeup of your hair follicles, you don’t need a microscope to be able to tell if your hair is damaged. If you’re wondering how to know if your hair is damaged, all you have to do is pay attention to the signs. There are some you can notice just by looking in the mirror and others you can notice just by running your fingers through your hair. 

Once you notice the signs of damaged hair, the important part is to do something about it. Damaged hair can be treated and restored with the right hair repair products, but the earlier you catch it, the better. Read on to understand damaged hair and to learn how to tell if your hair is damaged. 

What is Damaged Hair? 

The hair cuticle is the outer layer of the hair strand that protects the hair cortex. When hair is damaged, the cuticle layer is cracked or stripped in certain areas. If you were to look at a strand of healthy hair and a strand of damaged hair under a microscope, you would see a noticeable difference. Typically the hair’s cuticle layer appears like scales along a rope. The cuticle of the healthy hair strand would appear uniform and consistent, while the cuticle layer or the “scales” on the damaged strand would appear open and inconsistent. 

Damage is an issue because it means the hair cuticle isn’t functioning as it should and offering the protection the hair shaft needs. Damaged, unhealthy hair can’t retain moisture, is more difficult to manage, and appears lackluster: frizzy, dry, and dull. 


How To Tell If Your Hair is Damaged

If you’re wondering “Is my hair damaged?”, ask yourself if you are experiencing any of these common signs of damaged hair: 

1. Your Hair Feels Dry or Brittle

If your hair constantly feels dry, damage to the cuticle layer is likely the cause. When the hair’s cuticle layer is damaged, moisture can easily escape. Plus, the moisture you try to infuse your dry hair with can’t be retained. If your hair tends to dry extremely quickly after getting wet, it could also be a sign of a damaged hair cuticle layer. 

2. Your Hair Feels Thick at the Root and Thin at the Ends

As we mentioned earlier, hair damage is the result of a missing or inconsistent cuticle layer, which typically happens near the middle or ends of your hair, which have been most exposed to damage. When the cuticle layer is missing or disrupted, the hair will feel thinner and rough. You may notice this when you run your fingers through your hair, or by simply witnessing the ends of your hair appearing thin or split. Split ends can often be a clear sign of damaged hair. For more information on what split ends are and how you can repair them, read up on this topic on our blog.


3. Your Hair is Shedding

Are you noticing more hair left on your brush, or in the shower drain? Damaged hair is more prone to hair breakage, which means hair will break off and shed more easily. 

4. You Have Difficulty Detangling Your Hair 

When the cuticle layer is disrupted, strands of hair catch more easily on other strands and cause excessive tangles. However, curly hair and long hair are also prone to tangles, so just because your natural hair is difficult to detangle, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s damaged. If, though, it is abnormal for your hair type to be tangled and tough, damage could be the culprit. 

5. Your Hair Appears Dull

Dullness is a sign of hair damage. Hair with damaged cuticles will lack the smoothness and shininess that come from a smooth cuticle layer and properly moisturized hair. Damage that shows itself with dullness could be caused by pollution, UV rays, product buildup, hard water, and more.  

How to Address the Signs of Hair Damage

So, you’ve discovered you have damaged hair. Don’t fret! The answer to how to fix damaged hair is simpler than you may think…


Treat Hair with a Mask

Dryness, breakage, and damage can all be dramatically decreased with the right restorative treatment, like a hair mask for damaged hair. Reach for our Restore Repair Mask twice a week in place of your conditioner to bring life back into damaged locks. 

This deep conditioning hair mask will make the signs of damage unnoticeable. It replenishes healthy hair’s protective cuticle layer so it can do what it does best. How, you ask? It is formulated with our patented Healthy Hair Molecule and innovative biomimetic emollient blend which works together to strengthen, repair, and protect strands. 

This powerful hair care product will restore the moisture levels in your hair to be more like those of undamaged, healthier hair, reduce breakage by 70% with just one use, and help prevent further damage. Your hair will have long-lasting softness, shine, and smoothness, so you won’t notice the signs of damage in the mirror or when you run your fingers through your hair. 

Don’t discontinue use when you see results, though. Continue to use this mask weekly as part of your healthier hair care routine to prevent future damage. Find the Restore Repair Mask and more restorative hair products online today.